Questions about Titles

How do I contact the Title Department?

You can email us @ or send a fax to 678-805-8984. We are here Monday through Friday, 8-5.

What is the Payoff Request Form?

The Payoff Request Form is here if you need it, but not required. Please send this form with your payoff payment to ensure your title is released to the appropriate address/correct party.

Where can I get the Payoff Request Form?

To get the Payoff Request Form, Click here, fill out the form, print the form, sign, and mail it back to us at 10800 Alpharetta Hwy Ste 208 #759 Roswell, GA 30076.

What is the fastest way to pay off my account and receive my title?

The fastest way to pay off your account and receive your title is to overnight a cashier's check for your account's full balance to 10800 Alpharetta Hwy Ste 208 #759 Roswell, GA 30076.

I have paid off my loan. When will I receive my title?

If you have paid with guaranteed funds, we will release your title in 3 business days. Titles are released for all other forms of payoff in 10 business days. Delivery times can vary by state. For more information, please visit your state's DMV and Title department. Once we have released the title, we no longer have any authority to perform any actions to your title. You will have to contact your local DMV.

I have been notified that I have an electronic title. What does that mean?

Holding electronic titles are a common practice where a copy of your title is stored in an electronic database. This provides for faster processing when releasing liens than previously with paper titles. Please contact your state's DMV or Title department for more information.

Title Name Changes

If you are trying to change the name on the title, you will need to go to your local DMV and place the request there. They will forward all the necessary documents to CULS.

State Transfers

If you need to have the title transferred to another state, you must go to the DMV to request a "Title Transfer." The DMV will then send CULS the "Title Demand Letter." Once received, CULS will then release the title to the new state. If the title is electronic, CULS must request a paper title first. Once received, we will then make the necessary arrangements to send the title to your new state. Please note, the process can take up to 60 days to complete.

What is the Title Request Form used for?

The Title Request Form should be used when doing a name or state change, and your local DMV will not provide a demand letter. This form may also be used when a copy of your title needs refinancing and or just for personal reasons.

Where can I get the Title Request Form?

To get to Title Request Form, Click here.

Lien Release vs. Paid in Full Letter

Paid in full letters release the customer from any monetary obligations, whereas the lien release is only for title purposes.

Title holding states

Title holding states are states where you would receive your title at the time of purchase, but CULS is still listed as the lienholder. These states are NY, MO, MI, NE, MD, OK, KS & KY. If you reside in one of these states, call your local DMV about a title on a paid-off account. CULS can only offer you a lien release. You will need to visit your local DMV to apply for a duplicate.

Quantum Titles

If it is a Quantum loan CULS purchased, we can send a lien release. If the account is not listed in our system, CULS never held an interest in the collateral and can only provide a No Interest letter.

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