Questions about Titles

I’ve paid off my loan. When will I receive my title?

We process titles 10 business days after the receipt of payoff with non-certified funds, But within 3 business with certified funds. Delivery times can vary based on the state you are in. For more information, please visit your state’s DMV and Title department. Once we have released the title, we no longer have any authority to perform any actions to your title. You will have to contact your local DMV.

I’ve been notified that I have an electronic title. What does that mean?

Holding electronic titles are a common practice where a copy of your title is stored in an electronic database. This provides for faster processing when releasing liens than previously with paper titles. When you pay off a lien on an electronic title, we will release the lien and update the release in the database. With an electronic title, you may or may not receive a copy of your title in the mail automatically, depending on your state of residence. In some states, it is required for you to go to the DMV to request a copy of the title. Please contact your state’s DMV or Title department for more information.

What’s the difference between certified and non-certified funds?

Certified funds are guaranteed by a bank, credit union, or other financial institution. Cashier’s checks are the most common type of certified funds. Non-certified funds are payments that are not guaranteed. These include personal checks, money orders, phone payments, electronic bank transfers, and phone payments.

Title Name Changes

If you are trying to change the name on the title you will need to go to your local DMV and place the requested there and they will forward all the necessary documents to CULS.

State Transfers

If you are needing to have the title transferred to another state, you must go to the DMV to request a "Title Transfer". The DMV will then send CULS the "Title Demand Letter". Once received CULS will then release the title to the new state. If the title is an electronic title, CULS must request a paper title first. Once the paper title is received, we will then forward it to your new states DMV. Due to the nature of this process we cannot provide an accurate timeframe.

Lien Release vs Paid in Full Letter

Paid in full letters release the customer from any monetary obligations whereas the lien release is only for title purposes. Paid in full letters and refunds are delivered together but the titles are mailed separately.

Title holding states

Title holding states are states where you would receive your title at time of purchase, but CULS is still listed as lienholder. These states are NY, MO, MI, NE, MD, OK, KS & KY. If you reside in one of these states, call your local DMV about A title on a paid off account. CULS can only offer you a lien release. You will need to visit your local DMV another copy of your title.

Quantum Titles

We do not have any Quantum titles. If it is a Quantum loan CULS purchased, we can send a lien release. If the account is not listed in our system, CULS never held interest in the collateral and can only provide a No Interest letter. In the case of a Quantum account that CULS purchased, the request must come from our customer – NO THIRD PARTY unless a bill of sale is provided.

Contacting The Titles Department

The most effective way to contact the CULS titles department is to email them at